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verb. to activate or stimulate; inspire or provide a catalyst to stir activity.

Our goal at Slater Brothers Entertainment is to create as many sparks in this industry as possible. We strive to spark enthusiasm, creativity and passion within the entertainment world. Through our clients, we ignite and fuel this spark throughout the filmmaking process, proven through many long-term, successful relationships and projects. Through our internship program, we educate and inspire the people we work with, giving them firsthand experience and insight to the world behind the screen.


If you're interested to learn more, please contact us.

"My experience as a production and marketing intern at SBE has been incredible. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined through first-hand experiences on and off set. This internship has challenged me to be creative, think from multiple perspectives, immerse myself in unfamiliar environments, step out of my comfort zone, and interact with powerful individuals. I have grown a stronger admiration for the Entertainment Industry. This is a wonderful film created by wonderful people, and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be involved in the works of this masterpiece."

-- Amanda Capra 
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