Slater Brothers Entertainment is focused on the ever-changing digital and media sectors. SBE works with clients across the spectrum, including investors, media and platform partners, and film and content distributors. Our advisory services incorporate our client’s pre-deal activities, due diligence process, deal negotiation, and closing. We focus on strategy, marketing, organization and operations, analytics, financial structuring, investment and sustainability. As part of the process, we take each item below into careful consideration:

  • Content Management and Production 

  • Deal Generation

  • Value Creation Plan

  • Exit Planning


  • Sector Strategies

  • Investor Strategy

  • Operations and Interim Management

  • Growth Strategy / Profitability 


The Slater Brothers Entertainment team is focused on all aspects of film, television and content creation. Over the years, SBE has been involved with over 100 productions and the filming of content around the world. SBE has extensive experience in handling the full spectrum of filmmaking and aides its clients in all facets of the process, including: